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Pierre-Marie comes to us from over 25 years of teaching in France as well as Internationally.   Not only does he have a terrific sense of humor, but loves the outdoors, and is so excited about HHH and our fabulous new school and campus.  To find out more from Pierre-Marie about opportunities for teaching positions,  you can contact Pierre-Marie directly at:
Pierre-Marie Guinet  
Lycee Jean-Baptiste Pointe
du Sable School Director
Corinne Laspeyres 
French Teacher /
Professeur de Francais
We were so thrilled to hire Corinne this past winter to be our French teacher here at the Lycee in St. Marc.  She most recently spent the last 14 “wonderful years” in Finland.  She does admit the climate will be a bit different in Haiti, but she loves to travel and has several good friends here in Haiti already.  Corinne would very much like to hear from anyone who also may be interested in teaching here in St. Marc.  Please contact her at:

Where does the donation go?
After the original emergency rescue and relief efforts, Haiti will desperately need focused long-term assistance to rebuild a quality infrastructure, including the rebuilding of schools and the educational needs of Haitian children.
We plan to build a children's school in Haiti in an area where the need is greatest. The school will be earthquake and hurricane proof and the level of learning will meet international academic standards. We are already working with authorities on the ground in Haiti to identify the location for the school.
Hand in Hand for Haiti is a 501(C) (3) non-profit organization housed in the United States. The organization is being developed along the principles of strict governance, absolute transparency and strong financial discipline, with 100% of the funds raised going toward rebuilding projects in Haiti.

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