28th June 2012

Update on Lycee Baptiste Pointe du Sable

A thank you for all of our supporters who have helped build one of the largest most modern campuses in Haiti supported by our commitment to offer world class education to our students.

Without the support of our many donors we could not have done this...

As we finish our first school year we are pleased to report the progress of our 152 students ages 3 to 5. During their first year they have been immersed in English and French and the results are truly amazing. During a recent visit we observed one of our students who is from one of the poorest areas outside our school. His language skills were superb and clearly he has the potential to be a talented student and leader. With graduation of our classes in the next few weeks we have selected 50 new students for next years class of 3 year-olds. Our student population will total over 200 students for the 2012/13 calendar year and our 6 year olds will enter first grade where they will begin to read and write in 3 different languages – English, French, and Creole.

We have many great accomplishments during the 2011/2012 school year with the most important being the selection of our school administrative team in Haiti. Our team has worked hard to train our staff, develop our curriculum and establish our policies. They have worked tirelessly throughout the year and we look forward to building on their successes of the past year.

During the past year we finished building our preschool, the first phase of our primary school and recently added our library, computer and music centers. Our cafeteria feeds our students two quality meals per day and we continue to see the benefits of their balanced diets in their learning agility and health.

Thanks to the generous support of two of our donors we also began the construction of our sports complex which will be completed by early 2013. Our vision is to offer our students the opportunity to strengthen their confidence, stress the importance of working as a team, and reinforce our commitment to them that we are with them every step of the way – even on the field.

With our many accomplishments in the last year we remain challenged to secure water for our students and campus. With the financial support of the UN we drilled a 300 foot well but unfortunately haven't secured adequate water. We also committed to help local farmers raise their own crops in addition to supplementing a portion of their daily water needs. This remains a key objective with our team in the year ahead.

A big thank you to our supporters from throughout the world. Our staff and students, as do we, thank you and are incredibly appreciative of the progress we have made thus far. In two short years – and only with your support - we have a school to be proud of and one which will provide our students with an opportunity for a better life. An even more – an opportunity to build future leaders to Haiti and help pull this wonderful country out of poverty.

With our thanks,

Ed, Olivier, and Martin






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